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Change Text Case

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About Change Text Case

Change Text Case

The text case is an online tool to convert the text into upper case, lower case, capitalized case, alternative case, and sentence case.

Sentence case

Whatever the sentence you have written, this tool will transform into full sentence structure. For example, if your sentence is starting from the lower case and have a full stop in the sentence, then it will automatically change that into the upper case and the word after the full stop will start with a capital letter. For this, you need to enter your text then click on the sentence case.

Lower case

If you want to have a lower case in all of your data then you can do this in a matter of seconds by using this tool. For that just paste your data into the box and click on the lower case option then get your results.

Upper case

Suppose you have written something and don’t have enough time to check that then you can solve this issue by using this tool. To do that just enter your data and click on the upper case option. 

Capitalized case

This amazing tool will convert your text into a capitalized form. To have the capitalized form, copy and paste your data into the box then on the capitalized form. In the results, you will get a capital letter for every word in all sentences.

Alternating case

This free online tool will assist you to change your text into an alternating case. You will get your result by entering the data and clicking on the alternating case option. Your result will look like, tHis FloWeR iS So bEaUtiFUl. 

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