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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker: Generally, a plagiarism checker is a method to identify the originality of the information that is written on the document whether the data is plagiarized or not. 


There are many companies that do not show their secret ways of plagiarism checking; however, some conventional means are used for working of the whole approach—for instance, fingerprinting, string matching, citation detection, vector space model, stylometry.

Finger Printing

This is the kind of procedure that has differentness which is set by the original publisher. Therefore, it will become very easy quick for a free plagiarism checker to measure the two written documents.


String Matching

This technique is used to compare the string of text of the document with another. It needs a lot of time and resources, whereas this is very useful to check the information of content.


Citation Detection

Academic documents get benefits from this tool only when citations are specified there. Quotes are compared and judged by this tool with the original text.


Vector Space

Words of the written content are examined by this tool with the original one. If any sentence has the same words or rewritten this, in turn, observed plagiarized data.



The nature of this approach is argumentative. This is used to relate the resemblance of the information and writing style. As a result, the usual writing style of a person is found by this tool.