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About Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Finder: We have made this tool to find the broken links on your website. If there are dead links on your website, they will create problems in the website's authority and ranking. This tool from our site will follow your site and will find the broken links if there will any.


What is Broken Link Mean?

Broken links are that link which is outdated or no longer works because of few reasons. This might be done by the admin of the page or by the destination site to remove the web site or page permanently.


Are Broken Links Bad for SEO?

Yes, broken links are bad for SEO. An online business can be destroyed and its reputation in the market if the website has any broken link. Followings are the effects of broken links:-

  1. Trust of the users will be broken; they will get frustrated from your site and not use your site anymore.
  2. If the website has wrong information, then new users will not visit your site because your site will not be able to meet their requirements.
  3. The reputation of your website will be lost if there is wrong information on your website.

The worst effete will be seen on the ranking of your website. You will lose ranking from all search engines.